To start the custom design process, simply fill out the all the necessary info listed under "Custom Design Request", and paste it into the message box below! If a request is submitted with insufficient information, you may not receive a response, so please do include all pertinent information in your request.

Shoe Size (US):
Heel Height (6" minimum):
Glitter Colors (See color chart):
Design Description:
Standard Heels or Boots: 

If you have images you need to include, you will be able to attach them to the email when we respond to your request. Once we have fleshed out all the details, we'll make a custom listing for you and send it your way! Please be advised that we do not do sketches or digital mock-ups. Custom Listings expire after 48 HOURS, so please only ask us to create a custom listing for you when you’re ready to order. As with all of our items, please allow 6 weeks for your item to be completed and shipped

Base Price:
Heels: $165
Boots: $195
Sprayed + Splattered Boots: $225

Add Ons:
Spikes: $30
Rhinestones: $25
Extreme Heels (9”-10”): $20

*Price may increase depending on various factors including shoe style and design complexity.

6" - 7" heels - 1 line, 8 letter maximum
8" heels - 2 line maximum, 8 letters per line
9" -10" heels - 3 line maximum, 8 letters per line
While it may be possible to accommodate longer names and phrases, please note that we cannot guarantee legibility past the recommended maximum letter count.