To start the custom design process, simply fill out the all the necessary info listed under "Custom Design Request", and paste it into the message box below! 

Shoe Size:
Heel Height (6" minimum):
Glitter Colors (See color chart):
Design Description:
Standard Heels or Boots: 

Once we have discussed all the details we'll make a custom listing for you and send it your way! Please be advised that we do not do sketches or digital mock-ups. Custom Listings expire after 48 HOURS, so please only ask us to create a custom listing for you when you’re ready to order. As with all of our items, please allow 6 weeks for your item to be completed and shipped

Base Price:
Heels: $165
Boots: $195
Sprayed + Splattered Boots: $225

Add Ons:
Spikes: $30
Rhinestones: $25
Extreme Heels (9”-10”): $20

*Price may increase depending on various factors including shoe style and design complexity.

6" - 7" heels - 1 line, 8 letter maximum
8" heels - 2 line maximum, 8 letters per line
9" -10" heels - 3 line maximum, 8 letters per line
While it may be possible to accommodate longer names and phrases, please note that we cannot guarantee legibility past the recommended maximum letter count.